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New studies have just popped up in terms of user engagement on Facebook. Optimal has recently found out that 75% of Facebook’s post-level user engagement actually happens in the initial 3 hours of a person on the website, with 50% of the user engagement happening within their initial 24 hours there. This graph shows that

If you want to target a certain market on Facebook and engage with them through your page, then Page Post Ads would generally prove to be the perfect solution for you. These ads can be found on the right sidebar of the site and are quite similar to Sponsored Stories and Marketplace Ads. The only

This article was first published in Ampush blog – a blog that helps enterprises make the most of social graphs in order to succeed in the world of marketing. Ampush also happens to be part of Facebooks program of Preferred Marketing Developers. You may already be aware that integrating Facebook’s SDK with mobile apps can

pros and cons of facebook page post ads

When you go through Facebook, you will notice that Page Post Ads appear almost everywhere, such as on the right-hand column and the News Feed. While these ads are able to provide more content compared to Marketplace Ads and Page Like Ads; they may come with some unwanted results, too. Find out the advantages and