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Posted By: Edmond  |  Last updated: August 28, 2013 at 11:11 am

Facebook Marketing Plan Pre-Requisites – How to Find Your Target Market

Introduction: All about Facebook Marketing

Companies running internet marketing campaigns know the power of social media. Facebook is the grand-daddy of all social networks with 901 million active users and the number inching ever so close to the 1 billion mark. Your business could use a longer email list and ‘steps-create-a-perfect-social-media-marketing-plan/” title=”more potential customer to target using social media”>more potential customers to target with the campaigns. This is where Facebook can help you out.

For entrepreneurs who have not yet used Facebook for business marketing, it is time to consider the different aspects of this website. It is not just a social network where people log on to kill time and fool around. Businesses are using Facebook marketing plan as a crucial part of their internet marketing strategy. With nearly 1/7th of the world’s population on Facebook, it is clear that you are missing out.

Is Your Target Market on Facebook?

The first thing to consider before you can start formulating a Facebook marketing plan is whether or not your target market is on Facebook. Some businesses aren’t trendy and finding customers online isn’t the best approach for them. On the other hand, Facebook can be a goldmine for some businesses. They can increase their client base and profitability through a well-directed Facebook campaign.

You can check if your target market is on Facebook through research. You don’t have to spend hours and hours doing it. Just check if your competitors have their own Facebook pages and how many people are following them. If there are businesses in the same industry as yours on Facebook, then it is certain you can find your target market on Facebook.

Why Use a Facebook Marketing Plan?

Every businesses uses Facebook. This can be perceived in a positive or negative way. Some entrepreneurs feel that they need to get in to the online marketing arena via Facebook. Conversely, there are those who feel since everyone is on Facebook, they don’t stand a chance of penetrating through to their customers.

There are enough strong reasons to offset any potential drawbacks or limitations of a social media marketing plan. The biggest advantage is demographics.

1. Demographics

facebook marketing plan demographics
Which are the key demographics for your business? The age group you are targeting, gender, location and several other factors determine who your market is. The advantage of using Facebook is that you can target specific demographics through a marketing plan. Facebook profiles require users to provide accurate and comprehensive information. This is why Facebook statistics are easy to obtain.

Along with their personal information (age, sex, relationship status, employer information, location), information about users’ preferences and likes can be found. Not only can you find your target market on Facebook using demographics but also obtain helpful insight in what they are looking for. A holistic internet marketing campaign can be designed to cover all bases.

2. User Frequency

fb marketing plan high frequency
Facebook has reported that 50% of its active users sign in at least once during the day. It means that Facebook enjoys a high user frequency. There are detailed statistics available about the time spent by a user on average on Facebook every day. All this data shows that targeting your potential customers through Facebook will serve you well.

3. Compatibility

facebook compatibility
Facebook is compatible with other platforms internet marketers use for finding the target market. Your Facebook fan page can be integrated with other social media websites including Twitter and MySpace. In addition, you can link your official website to Facebook. Facebook can be the hub of your internet marketing campaign.

And to add to that, Facebook is free. Social media marketing is a low-cost method for giving your business a boost. If you don’t want to spend too much money on marketing and promotion, then using Facebook to find your market is a wise choice. The bottom-line is that your internet marketing campaign is incomplete without a marketing plan. There is more than social media to this website!

About the Author: With over 10 years of experience in the internet marketing field, Edmond was always a large advocate of social media marketing and his immerse understanding of social network lies in having extensive experience working side by side with high profile businesses. Get more from Edmond on .
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