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Posted By: Edmond  |  Last updated: October 9, 2013 at 8:16 am

20 Ways To Use Facebook for Business Marketing

Launched at the beginning of the online social network boom, Facebook has cemented its status as ‘the’ social network. With active users nearing a billion, Facebook serves nearly seventh of the global population. For using facebook for business, this is a wonderful opportunity to target the segment of the market. This is why more and more businesses are incorporating Facebook into their marketing strategies.

Online marketing was an afterthought a few years back. Now, it is at the forefront of advertising and marketing plans. Facebook has been an essential tool for businesses. Regardless of size of the business, Facebook proves to be useful. Facebook small business pages to large corporations’ pages, the website is used for promotion and marketing of all kinds of products and services. Any entrepreneur hesitant about using Facebook is missing out big time. Social media marketing has grown in a way no one could have imagined. If you are not using Facebook for your business yet, it is time you jumped on the bandwagon. Chances are your competitors already have.

Start a Facebook business page and set up a profile to bring your business into the public view. This works wonders for local businesses and small concerns. It is equally effective for large global corporations. There are many types of businesses that have been using Facebook successfully by utilizing tips outlined in our previous post. From billion dollar entities to non-profit setups to charities, Facebook has become the preferred tool for online marketing for all organizations.

There are hundreds of ways in which businesses can make use of Facebook. The key is to using it in the best way possible so that you can maximize your business’ profitability. To use Facebook effectively for your business, you have to follow the best practices.

20 Top tips for using Facebook for your business.

Tip 1 – Providing Information about Your Business

 Providing Information about Your Business

Your Facebook profile is an online manifestation of your business and the image that it wants to achieve. Hence, there are several things you have to be careful about when designing the profile. The way your profile looks will determine how the visitors react. Making a good impression on the users converts them into customers, which is what you should aim for.

The most important thing to do when making your profile is to provide accurate and detailed information about your business. Put in as much information as you deem relevant. There are various headings under which you can fill in the data so select carefully. This helps the visitors learn about your business, what you do and what you offer that is different from others. Moreover, providing comprehensive information enables you to gain the trust of your visitors. Trust building is vital for building long-term relationships and enhancing customer loyalty. This does not mean that you drown the visitors with information. Stick to relevance as the sole criteria.

Tip 2 – Ensuring Your Business Is Not ‘Boring’

 Ensuring Your Business Is Not Boring

One of the best things about using Facebook for businesses is that you can create a ‘cool’ image. Branding is important in today’s aggressive and competitive business environment. Having a Facebook page makes your business appear hip and trendy, ready to go with the times. The ‘boring’ tag can be a disastrous for a business, especially if your target audience is the youth. By using Facebook, you project a very current and contemporary outlook. The dynamics of traditional business marketing have undergone a quantum shift. Keep with the times to make your business a success.

Tip 3 – Focusing On Your Target Audience

Focusing On Your Target Audience

The great thing about Facebook is the wide demographic you can target. People from all over the world use Facebook. This means that you can focus your Facebook page to cater to your specific target audience. Not all products are for a global audience. If you are aiming to gain a particular niche of the market, then Facebook can help you go a long way in achieving that. Design your page and provide content geared towards the people who you want to buy your products. There are endless demographic options for you. Use the relevant information and create a successful strategy for utilizing Facebook for your business.

About the Author: With over 10 years of experience in the internet marketing field, Edmond was always a large advocate of social media marketing and his immerse understanding of social network lies in having extensive experience working side by side with high profile businesses. Get more from Edmond on .
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